Thursday, 19 July 2007

Playground positions

today I read a post on another blog about playgrounds and the battles that are fought there, somehow I figure the inspiration for this metaphore may have come from a comment I made during a particular conversation. there has been some name calling, back stabbing and other childish squabbles and tantrums going on in blogland. battle lines have been drawn and friends drawn into taking sides.

I have no choice I am on this playground and I look around and see people hurting each other so unnescessarily. I could get drawn into being on either side but I have made a decision. I am going to stand my ground and state my position.

My position!! Over the past year since I started playing the field (I've moved from tarmac to grass now!) I have been asked so many times which is my favourite position. to begin with I couldn't really answer this as I knew only 2 positions (missionary and doggie). then as my experience grew there were other positions I couldn't begin to tell you their names. My education has come in two forms the first being hands on (ahem yes I did mean to say that) practical learning (kinaesetic) and the practice was very enjoyable....ooops I am blushing now. the second form my education has taken is visual learning. I have been reading blogs. some give amusing accounts of sexual encounters which have heightened my delight but others.(I really have to name drop here La Fille Marie and The Sensuous Libertine aka Cherrie) are much more educational in that the descriptions have been so enlightening that I can now honestly say I have been able to enjoy a much more varied sexual repertoire.

first the breath taking La Fille marie. At first when I began to read her blog way back in October 2006 I found her descriptions of her adventures awesome but couldn't see myself doing half of the things she has done. But gradually as the months have flown by (has it really been 8 months already?) I have taken her descriptions and put them into practice. It seems my enthusiasm and willingness to try different positions has made me very popular with the guys I have practiced with. Her journey into the realms of restraint have me hypnotised, her discovery of things such as nipple clamps had me quaking in my boots (high heeled black leather ankle naturally). there is just no way on this earth I would have clamps on my nipples. I hate pain and that would just send me over the edge. (says the woman who is planning to have her ass severely spanked then caned!! in the not too distant future.) This is not something I have reluctantly agreed to but something i have actively courted, begged for even. I very quickly became an avid reader of this awsome woman. One thing I just have not managed as yet is the reverse cow girl. The one time I did try this was with a man whose penis bent towards his navel(how naive I used to think they were all the same). my vagina could not manage to accommodate him in this position. Although I preceeded LFM into the world of sex with multiple partners simultaneously she has far exceeded my experiences. I had reached a stage where I was narrowing my range of experiences but reading her blog has re-awoken my interest in group sex most particularly in experiencing what it would be like to be with another woman, my experiences here were very timid compared to LFM.

secondly Cherrie, no one could read her blog and not learn something. Not only does Cherrie give very heart warming accounts of her own sexual exploits both now and in the past, with or without her husband, with men or women but she has much practical advice. Her friday Positions are always very helpful and inspiring. the research that goes into her writing is enormous. Her directions (no map book needed here) are impecable the pictures she chooses to illustrate her posts are enlightening. If you are ever bored and want to find new positions go have a look at her blog you are bound to find something you would like to try. It was also through Cherrie that I discovered one of the two favourite positions indulged in between myself and Mr Passionate is known as the 'Deep Missionary'.

Anyway I still get asked what is my favourite position? Still I cannot give an answer. Yes I have learnt lots of different ways of having sex. different positions different ways of giving and receiving pleasure. I enjoy so many positions how can I say which I prefer. that would be like asking which lover do I prefer or which colour shirt do I want to wear. On different days I am in different moods, I have different needs. Sometimes I am feeling lively and bright so I could wear a bright orange shirt (oops I am now). other times I am feeling mellow and would wear something pale (can't do that often most of my clothes are brightly coloured) then there are the dark days. Some days I need to be fucked passionately so I would need a lover like Mr Passionate (wonder why I nicknamed him that) or other times I would prefer a more sensuous session another time there is the gentle love making. There are of course lots of others in between. Maybe I should write myself up a menu of men to devour as suits my appetite. Maybe the answer is a buffet or chinese banquet (group sex) where I can take a bite from each dish on offer.

Do I have any favourite positions? yes I have several it depends on who my lover of the moment is. With Mr Passionate we try all sorts of positions but we both love the Deep Missionary with him kneeling before me with my ass resting on his thighs and my stocking clad legs in the air resting on his shoulders with the heels of my boots right beside his head as he thrusts deep inside my pussy. Alternately (and it was he who taught me to enjoy this) he loves to thrust deep inside my ass. I love the exsquite sensations this brings.with another lover our prefered position is for him to be on his back while I straddle him and ride forward cow girl. He rarely wishes to try any other position other than the giving and receiving of oral.Another lover prefers 69 with me on top of him sucking his cock whilst I grind my pussy onto his face.One lover likes to enter me from behind when we are spooning.with other lovers there are no particular favourites we just move from one position to another. I do enjoy the feeling of being able to participate or even control the amount of movement in some positions like missionary or cowgirl. I can change the speed or depth of thrusts. There are times when the deep missionary is good for being fucked hard and deep but there is very little imput I can contribute to this other than to just enjoy, the physical sensations of being filled so satisfyingly and the mental power of knowing that I can make my man want to fill me so deeply.

These days when asked which is my favourite position or what do I like to do first, I just say I follow the flow. each and every session is different, I just see how the mood takes us and what we want to do at any moment. Having a good fuck can't be choreographed. You are asking for an unsatisfactory experience if you try to do that. If the two of you are in tune you will just enjoy whatever position you find yourself in, your bodies will dictate not your brains.
Part of the pleasure is discovering the most satisfactory positions with your lover.


George said...

Awesome LiR ... there should be more women like you, Hell, all women should be like you

Ms Robinson said...

That should be a woman's magazine getting money.Very considered and nicely done.

Anonymous said...

"If the two of you are in tune you will just enjoy whatever position you find yourself in, your bodies will dictate not your brains." Yes, I couldn't agree more. I couldn't possibly say what my favourite position is, because it all depends on the moment and the person.

Pixie said...

Beautifully described, made me feel very hot, for all the good that will do me right now... but who knows what's coming!!

Just love free flowing changeable sex with the right person of that moment.

Pixie said...

Beautifully described, made me feel very hot, for all the good that will do me right now... but who knows what's coming!!

Just love free flowing changeable sex with the right person of that moment.

Lady in red said...

George thank you

Ms R thank you too but I am not sure about it being considered. I just wrote how I feel.

Z yes it depends on the moment and the lover. even with the same lover each time is different or at least it should be

Pixie glad it made you hot ..not doing me much good at the moment either :-(

Cherrie said...

Thanks for the kind compliments on my blog! I do enjoy sharing what I've seen, felt and learned with all of my readers. And when someone writes that she had fun trying something I described, I go to bed very happy indeed!

Devilbluedress said...

Loved the post! Both that you admitted innocence in the past and how you've changed over time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Honey, I definitely should have gone back and read your posts that I missed while on holiday... what nice things you said about me! I've always known that our experiences are so similar, and I have certainly envied some that you have had that I haven't.

Kisses. Sorry for being so late in reading this.

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